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Our Mission

  • It is our mission and passion to nurture and raise quality cattle.

  • We take great pride in producing a wholesome, tender, and flavorful product for our family and yours.

  • It is important to our family, as it is to yours, to know that the food we put on the table is wholesome and of the highest quality.

  • It is essential to know where our food was raised and how it arrived to the table.

Contact Us

Little Creek Cattle

Mike & Tamie Goss

10983 Hwy 6

Merino, CO 80741

(970)396-2050 (Tamie)

(970)396-8772 (Mike)



Contact Us

Keeping it Green

  • Here at the ranch, nothing goes to waste.  We utilize everything to the fullest extent.

  • In the summer we graze native grass pastures that are not suitable for farming. We also created irrigated pastures at home for our cows to graze and raise their calves.

  • Our winter routine puts our cows on farm ground where they clean up forages like corn stalks, wheat stubble and hayfields.  This practice benefits both cow and land.

  • All feeds that we feed are locally grown by area farmers or ourselves. We do our best to support the local farmers and economy.

  • We utilize other feeds such as sugar beet pulp and distiller grains.  (Two local bi-products left over after they produce sugar and ethanol.)

  • Buying local and utilizing local resources ensures we are keeping it green.

  • The cow is an incredible green machine. Cows convert otherwise useless forages and feed into an amazing source of protein.

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Ranch Life
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